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June 14, 2019 Furniture Bed

The Difference between Full and Queen Bed Sizes Mattresses

Full and queen bed sizes – Adrasses are usually classified according to their size. That’s why there are expressions such as a queen-size bed mattress and a full-size mattress. So how do they differ? First of all, it all boils down to inches. A queen-size mattress is, of course, larger in comparison to the full mattress. In addition to all this, some health organizations have recognized the significant benefits a type of mattress brings over the other. Especially if you share your mattress with your partner.

Alaskan King Bed

Alaskan King Bed

In terms of cost, the queen mattress costs a little more compared to a full mattress the most. Probably because of its larger bedding. Queen mattresses usually sell as low as $ 400. While some ultra luxurious variants reach as high as $ 5,000 (like those that have the ultra-sumptuous memory foam). Full-size mattresses, on the contrary, can go as low as $ 360 and as high as $ 3,800.

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Based on a study by the Better Sleep Council, queen size bed frame mattress has become the best known mattress choice in the United States since 1999. It is also due to the fact that many couples will use the queen mattress, especially if they spread out a plenty on the bed. This is also the reason why most hotels. Is now using the queen-size mattress for their rooms.

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