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June 21, 2019 Beds Ikea

All about Seagrass Bed Furniture

Seagrass bed furniture – Seagrass has become a very popular material in recent years. Especially in the furniture industry, it is popular for indoor and outdoor furniture. But what does seagrass really mean, what the story behind seagrass and where does it originate from? Overall, the seagrass is an industrially braiding material of polyethylene. A plastic material that is an alternative to natural rattan. The word Rattan comes from the Malaysian “rattan”, also known as the paddler.

King Seagrass Bed

King Seagrass Bed

Polyethylene is the plastic material that is made most of the world. And therefore also one of the cheapest of manufacture. Polyethylene is e.g. know from products such as plastic bags, shampoo bottles, toys, lunch boxes and many other things we use in our everyday lives.

12 Inspiration Gallery from All about Seagrass Bed Furniture

Image of: Woven Bed Seagrass
Image of: Wood and Seagrass Bed
Image of: Seagrass Woven Bed
Image of: Seagrass Furniture
Image of: Seagrass Bedroom
Image of: Seagrass Bedroom Furniture
Image of: Seagrass Bed Frame
Image of: Seagrass Bed Designs
Image of: Seagrass Bed and Header
Image of: Rattan Bed Furniture
Image of: Neutral Seagrass Bed Furniture
Image of: King Seagrass Bed

The reason why the material is brilliant for making bedroom furniture is that polyethylene is a very strong, temperature-resistant and UV-resistant material that can withstand standing all year round. UV rays from the sun can make other materials porous and the color can fade. At the same time, the seagrass requires no or only very little maintenance, which makes it extremely suitable for indoor outdoor furniture. The seagrass is a very flexible and flexible material. Along with the other features of the material here, it is almost a dream material for any furniture designer.

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