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June 18, 2019 Small House

Affordable and Flexible Small Movable Houses

A small movable houses an even smaller mobile home that is ideally suite to travel a lot, for example for digital nomads. A small house on wheels can be move, but is usually not built to travel with. A Small House is slightly larger than a Tiny House (up to a maximum of 50m 2) and is build on a foundation. Tiny House movement as we know it originate in America. In response to a series of events that caused the housing market to falter.

Design House Travel

Design House Travel

The need for affordable and flexible forms of living ensured that people. Such as Dee Williams and Jay Shafer as Tiny House pioneers started building their own houses. In order to circumvent the restrictive legislation that sets requirements for the minimum dimensions of houses, the idea was to build the houses on trailers. This create a very interesting movement with ditto philosophy: the small House movement.

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You can take your house with you when you move. If you are offered a job elsewhere, or you are tired of your environment, you hook your house to your car and leave. That is a freedom that appeals to many people. Some people want to travel a lot. But still have their own place to return to without having to worry about housing costs.

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